Land Acquisition & Planning Permission

Find the Perfect Land to Build on

The key thing to remember is that the law in Spain and business practices are different than in other countries in Europe. It is always recommended to get professional advice before buying a plot of land to develop on. We can help you ask the right questions and get the right answers before you purchase your land to build on.

Planning Permission: It's who you know that counts!

If you are buying land for development or to refurbish then it is important that you establish the planning regulations before you buy. There are two broad categories of land in Spain, urbano and rustico. In most cases you can build on urban land, rustic land can only be built on under special circumstances.

Property Design & Development

Choose your custom Design

The design is inspired by you, the kind of architecture you like and your lifestyle. We focus on the things you want in your property. We offer a fully comprehensive service. This is particularly attractive for foreigners who are unfamiliar with the process and business environment in Spain. We go beyond normal property development services, starting from land acquisition to building your property and getting a habitation license.

Local Knowledge & Master Builders

We understand that employing the services of a property developer to build your property is normally quite daunting and this is why at The Red Square Group Spain, we offer a complete package all under one roof. We can provide everything from the initial survey to Design, Architectural Drawings, Town Hall License Submission, Translations, through to the Complete Build and interior design of your dream property.

Frequently Asked Questions

The laws and business practices are in Spain are different from other countries in Europe. It is highly recommended you seek independant advice when purchasing land to build on. What we can do is review the land in question with your lawyer to determine the areas, extensions, borders and possiblities with the land you are considering buying to ensure it is suitable.

If you are buying land to build a property in spain or you are buying a building to renovate then it is important that you organise the planning permission you need to obtain before you buy. There are two categories of planning permission which are Urbano and Rustico. Typically Urbano is land that you can develop on but in some special circumstances you can also build property on Rustico land. We can help you understand what planning permission can be obtained on the land you want to purchase.

By checking with the town hall and local authorities they can tell you how big the property can be on a plot of land. This will depend on a number of factors regarding the land and area. It maybe that you can build on 30% of the plot of land you are interested in buying.

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